This. Multiple times already I've heard/read people claiming that current BMWs are not as good as they could be because of the enormous investments necessary to develop the "i" range. Well, I've test driven an i3 and think it's a very impressive vehicle. If it succeeds and they can distill the technology of that car into … » 1/28/14 11:55am 1/28/14 11:55am

Being a Belgian, I'll chime in: no, we don't have any mountains worth the name. But, in contrast to the Netherlands, we have a lot of what we call "false flat": very gentle sloping topography. You almost can't see it's going up and down, but you sure feel it.

Furthermore, we have this unhealthy addiction of wanting to… » 10/25/13 2:03pm 10/25/13 2:03pm